Thor Comic Con Clip is Online!

The clip shown to audiences at Comic Con is now online, the footage shows a bit of everything, from Thor on Earth and in Asgard, we get a look at Loki and Odin and a whole bunch of other Asgardians – and not to mention footage of the Destroyer armor in action.

Seen below on YouTube:

Head on over to to see the unflipped original.


Comic Con: New Tron Legacy Feature Trailer, Jeff Bridges is Getting Younger

The new Tron Legacy trailer revealed at Comic Con is online and this movie just looks better with every trailer it releases.  This trailer expands a bit more on what has been seen to date and we get to see a lot more of the digitally rejuvenated Jeff Bridges character – not to mention a glimpse at a new light vehicle!  Watch to the end to see it…

A Light Plane!  Let’s hope for some great aerial dog fights come December 17.  Head over to Yahoo Movies to see it in HD.

Stargate Universe Season 2 Comic Con Trailer

The trailer for the second season of SGU is online!  I should probably warn you there are some things in it you might consider spoilerish – but it is awesome and has the first (if brief) footage of Robert Knepper (PrisonBreak, Heroes) on the show.  Enjoy!

Pick up Season 1 from

Stargate Universe SG-U: 1.0

Stargate Universe SG-U: 1.5

This site is PITCHIN’! Also check out the latest RED trailer

Hello everybody! Excuse the bad pun, but PITCHIN’ NEWS has arrived and it is here to stay.  This blog is going to be bringing you the latest news from the world of movies, television, games – hell, I’ll post stuff from just about anything that I find interesting and think should be passed onwards, upwards and forever twirling! (Kang power!)

But that being said, this site is only just starting and to be honest  it’s kinda late where I am now, so while I get some beauty sleep (not that I think I need it) I’ll leave you with the absolutely awesome second trailer for RED starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and the always awesome John Malkovich.  Enjoy!

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