Thor Comic Con Aftermath – Avengers Movie Plot Revealed?

Those who attended Comic Con in San Diego were treated with a bucket load of info on upcoming Marvel film projects, but undoubtedly the star of Marvel’s Comic Con line-up was Thor.  But some of the props.  Aside from the footage shown (which we all hope will be put online any day now) Marvel also revealed a large number of props from the film.  First out of the gate was Odin’s massive golden throne, seen below in a scene from the film.

Odin's Throne Room

Next Comic-Con revelers were given an up close look at the helmets to be warn by Loki, Odin and Thor, all of them looking sleek and modernized while staying quite faithful to the original comics.

Helmets from left to right - Loki, Odin (an interesting mixture of Loki & Thor's helmets') and Thor)

Next the crowds were introduced to the Destroyer armor, which in the comics was created for Odin to be an unstoppable and unbreakable force hellbent on – you guessed it – destroying things.  You kind of have to assume this piece of shiny armor will end up being an instrument of Loki’s evil mischief in the film.  My money’s on it getting smashed into tiny pieces by Thor and his giant hammer – but it could just as easily end up appearing in The Avengers as a foil for Iron Man (admittedly, this is unlikely but come on, you know you want to see Iron Man take this thing on).

Iron Man - Eat your heart out

And finally Marvel unveiled this shiny little glove:

The Infinity Gauntlet - sooo shiny...

The Infinity Gauntlet, easily one of the most powerful items (if not the most powerful) in the entire Marvel Universe – it essentially allows the wearer to reshape reality as he or she sees fit.  This is without a doubt a huge playing card that Marvel have revealed because the Thor is already going to be chock-a-block full with Thor getting kicked out of Asgard, having to find his hammer on Earth, beating the Destroyer armor into shiny metal scrap and not to mention having to woo Natalie Portman in the meantime – so where, you may ask, are they going to have time to fit in a story about the ultimate weapon in the universe?  Well I’d say Loki is going to play the situation to his advantage and use Thor being stuck on Earth as an opportunity to get at the Infinity Gauntlet and take over the universe (Now that’s a good quality goal for a villain).

So when Thor stops Loki this time, what happens to the gauntlet?  My money says we are going to see it pop up again in the Avengers film.  Most likely the gems that power the glove will be scattered around the Earth by the end of Thor so we might see a worldwide scavenger hunt a-la Dragon Ball and who will step up to stop the baddies from getting their hands on the ultimate weapon in the Marvel Universe?  These guys…

From left to right - Clark Gregg, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Joss Whedon, Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios President)

So does stopping Loki and his ilk from getting their hands on the Infinity Gauntlet sound like a job for some Avengers?  I’d say yes – the only question is whether Marvel will tackle this in 2012’s The Avengers or in one of the inevitable sequels.  Sound off in the comments below.

Thor is released in theaters May 2011.  Oh and just because this is a cool image – BEHOLD THE ODINSON!!

Thor grabs his giant hammer!

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